Getting Started

Getting started can be intimidating, scary and sometimes the hardest part of the hole journey…

The Foundations Package is honestly the best way to get started, our coaches go through the on-boarding process leaving you feeling ready to tackle the small group sessions, book your sessions with ease and have your goals ready to conquer. In these sessions we can get some base line stats from you so we can track progress on other things than just the scales….

When you join, you will receive

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  • 2 x onboarding sessions - this is 2 x private sessions with a coach where we go through and screen your mobility and movements, complete body fat and muscle quality scans, test your baseline fitness and skills. In the second session, we will go through the big 3 lifts, squat, bench press and deadlift, here we can see how your body moves and spend time one on one preparing you for the group sessions. (usually $109)

  • 1 weeks unlimited access to s ($59 per week)

  • Welcome pack including team training singlet and more (valued over $40)

  • Full access to all our training programs and our app to record your training progress (invaluable and super convenient)



Our Fundamental Sessions times include:


6:00am Fundamentals 1 Adults  5:30pm Fundamentals 1 Adults


8:15am Fundamentals 2 Adults


9:15am Adults Fundamentals 1

10:30am Adult Fundamentals 2


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